Moderate Nazis

Congress to send aid to the AZOV NAZI’S Congress is currently trying to agree on humanitarian aid to the moderate Nazis with a bill introduces by the senators from Lockheed-Martin, General dynamics, and Boeing . The bill would supply the Nazis with needed stingers, mortar shells, vodka and meth

Wage Slave

The Real American Dream The trick is to let go, once you realize that life is a game but NOT A COMPETITION you will see you will never be rich nor famous. You will learn that having a 2200 square foot house, the newest car, or the new IPhone, does nothing but keep you a… Continue reading Wage Slave


Headlines and crap courtesy of the Scary Shit News Network Pfizer To launch Covid 19 Fauci Variant , along with the vaccine and 18 boosters before quarter earnings. So roll up your sleeves and bend over. Kimberly-Clark announces new breakthrough in ass-wipes with Povidone Iodine. Pros; bacterial free but-hole, virus free and even smells sanitary.… Continue reading NEWS


Race Does Not Matter If you are unsure just ask yourself Do you have a nice comfortable home ? Do you have a car? If you cannot leave your job, in fear of loosing your home, car, etc,,,Generally shows that you really don’t have anything and if you don’t keep up your payments the things… Continue reading SLAVERY TEST

pinch a loaf

The crypto currency that banks will never touch. Why? It has no real value, you put your value on it You can freely make these and circulate them, but the more you make and circulate the less their worth. They ain’t FIREPROOF By posting transactions here we will be able to have a ticker that… Continue reading pinch a loaf