Russian Invasion

The pentagon released satellite photos showing a massive troop build up around the Broken-Arrow saloon in Holcomb, Wisconsin. The top pentagon strategists say that the attack will happen today at 3:15 pm today . The owners ‘Mudhead’ and his wife ‘Bottles’ , explained that since guns are only allowed on the softball field this will… Continue reading Russian Invasion


television is A joke, it used to be entertainment but it mutated into something biased and woke.If you think “dry humping with the stars” or ” the bacheloret’s tits ” ,,,etc is entertainment your doomed. I recovered from a hip operation and when the nurse woke me from the anesthetic I looked at her and… Continue reading TELEVISION


YOU GOT TO BE SHITTING ME,, Dr. Rachel L. Levine serves as the 17th Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), after being nominated by President Joe Biden and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in 2021. As Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Rachel Levine fights every day to… Continue reading WHAT THE FUCK?


We turned medical staff into heroes doing a job they are paid to do We turned a junkie criminal into a saint We saw elections are predetermined We saw dead people vote We saw the border wall canceled and the DC wall approved We learned the new meaning to “we won the war” We learned… Continue reading WHAT A YEAR