So Far So Good


If you are easily offended, you have issues, and should seek help,, and fuckoff. If you are one of those idiots that words such as nigger, faggot, he-she, pervert, scag, horn-ball, cocksucker, dyke, offend you,,, TO BAD, SO FUCKOFF


Feel Free to bitch about any thing,, congress,, migrants,, wall street,, your wife,, NO CENSORS, NO THREATS

Only a Prozac parents and Ritalin raised common core saplings would believe the bullshit that schools need more security to be safe,,,, $3.2B ?..

Teaching kids to be dependent on others to solve their emotional problems because they are led to believe they are not competent enough to solve their own problems or defend themself. They grow up to be 29 years old and living in their parents garage or basement (saplings).

So Why Not Spend an hour a week, one on one, with the child and see if they have hidden issues? The interviewers would need to be screened to weed out the the damaged teachers on psychotics ( Prozac, ABILIFY, Zoloft),,,etc,,, These people are brain damaged from years of anti-psychotic medicines and they are beyond repair and should be removed from young impressionable minds, but the healthscare industrial complex, make a fortune on supplying these sickos with their over priced drugs with hopes that they create more profit patients for the share-holders people in need of help.

Joe is doing a great job making us feel safe. His free trade agreement to leave the borders open so the drugs and guns can flow freely into our country will never be forgotten . the trickle down is that more drugs = lower prices that will help bring down inflation and the ghost guns coming in, that can be purchased for $40 in food stamps will keep the young junkies from ending up as George Floyd because they can shoot first

The pandemic is about fucked-to-death, and is only significant to the scared peanuts that wear a mask, they are dumb enough to think that a dust mask is saving lives, you got to be common core educated . The dust mask is only hiding your bad breath and rotten teeth. The benefit is for the marketing corporations that our greedy, deceitful, gender confused government has evolved to. Kudos to the Fuckwits that actually voted for them.

Democracy is great and as I wait in line with the group of immigrants, that don’t speak the language, at the food pantry I think about how great it is to live on handouts be broke and tired, knowing that Joe Dementia, and Bird-brain are resupplying the weapon marketplace, and financing, high speed internet and free college to Ukraine and cashing in on the weapons stocks,, and having John & Linda blue collar pay for it.

Ukraine will be a solid asset when Hunter ” America’s first Hornball- crack-head president” is elected . He will not legalize drugs because that would disappoint the CIA shareholders , but he plans to give the suppressed immunity from prosecution to the (suppressed= gay, BLM, presidents son, elected Democrats,,, etc. Ukraine plans to pay it’s war debt with young sluts and free antibotics supply the white house with sluts and crack. Joe Dementia should be proud for securing his Son’s financial future. As for the rest of us ,,, if you ain’t black or a pervert-pedo,,,,, your fucked

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  1. Biden freak show(his cabinet), trannys and lesbians and fags, OOH MY!
    current carrots on the stick:
    A dollar bill =college debt forgiveness
    A joint = pot laws
    more to come, check back,,

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