Wage Slave

The Real American Dream

The trick is to let go, once you realize that life is a game but NOT A COMPETITION you will see you will never be rich nor famous.

You will learn that having a 2200 square foot house, the newest car, or the new IPhone, does nothing but keep you a debt(interest) slave, and keeps you picking for the master(banks).

The subject of wealth over the years has perverted into a “marketing assholes dream” .

Your one and only wont leave you if you fail to get the $3000 shoes or $6000 purse, but if they do better now then later.

there is no need to try to amass wealth because in the end ””’YOU CROAK.

The medical-industrial complex suggests that you can live longer with their drugs, procedures, and advice and if you amass enough wealth to pay for it you will win. The truth is you die and no drug , procedure, or voodoo herbal will change that.

I like to think of my body as a rental van going to spring break. with a few select friends and enough drugs and alcohol, to last the week. No need for insurance (cuts into the bar budget) and there is no doubt in your mind that when you return it, it will be ready for the salvage yard. My body is quite similar and when I am finished with it I will have used it up, rode hard and put away wet, with nothing to save.

So just let go and live do things for you,,, not for acceptance or status clicks , likes, or views . fuck diversity , woke dickheads, religious wackos, and political correctness. Life is A fun GAME if you know how to play .

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