Oh shit,, what a year

We are bathing in life saving vaccines, the industrial health scare system is making billions from Fauci, pfizer, the hundreds of variants of the future .

We are exposing our kids to unnecessary medical procedures and the idea that shots are good will help them be comfortable with sanitary procedure at 12 years old. Which is important when hitting meth with your classmates

The little nuggets fared well they removed math as a skill needed for graduation ,, and,,,,,,, wait for it………. have non white classrooms and play times ,,,, George Wallace is twerking to the song “I TOLD YOU SO”

Alexa has developed an attitude and hates me. and answers most of my requests with ” I CAN’T DO THAT DAVE” with the voice of HAL from “2001 “

I have learned that competition although a necessary learning tool, and Is training for living ,but has bled into” man vs man” rather “man vs life”. We are not here to get rich, rule others, or be famous. We are here to live and experience life with the prize at the end of the journey getting the answer to the ultimate question ” What Happens when you Die?”. Unfortunately the marketing industry plays on your fear of death by selling you supplements, procedures with the claim of better health and longer life, where as these supplements and procedures may have some benefits they really are not necessary.

Truth is your body is quite an organism and requires not much more than a normal diet and exercise to achieve it’s end goal and fearing the unknown is a human trait . The only thing needed for a long life is balance, and if you maintain that balance between normal bacteria working and nutrition you will finish the race,,, I promise

the flu thing is falling apart before our eyes with the rules and variants changing frequently and the CDC’s credibility, along with their experts is 0 .

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      any time you see “free, online application, funds, it is probably a scam.
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