television is A joke, it used to be entertainment but it mutated into something biased and woke.
If you think “dry humping with the stars” or ” the bacheloret’s tits ” ,,,etc is entertainment your doomed. I recovered from a hip operation and when the nurse woke me from the anesthetic I looked at her and said “it was like a dream but you were there an atm and in Tokyo to,, where’s TOTO” they looked at me with the look of a goldfish with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Civilization will never approve watching a wild animal ripping a man apart live like they did in Rome, but NASCAR is similar. people don’t go to NASCAR events to smell exhaust and loose the rest of their hearing. They go there in hopes to see a crash but when they cry saying he died so young. People watched the crocodile hunter to see Steve do dumb shit and get attacked by animals but when he dies It is such a shame.

Football is an example of practice gladiator games and would be more entertaining if it was done without any safety gear and people would find that that 350 pound bull nigger can be taken out with a kick in the nuts

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